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The free"GPC Flash Audit" has been designed to answer your question: It will mobilize you for 3 sessions of 1h-1h30 of web-conference. Simply make a request in the Contact section. You will then have a first evaluation of the results you can expect on your issue and in your context.

An experimental implementation, at reduced cost, can then be quickly implemented on a limited domain and serve as a POC

GPC technology is designed to process multivariate data, i.e. all variables are taken into account simultaneously. This allows for richer analysis and better information extraction.

Among the exclusive GPC features that are not present in standard software

  • for historical analysis
    • the automatic separation between the points under control and the disturbed points,
    • detection of imperceptible phenomena for SPC control charts,
    • a clear differentiation of the causes of disturbances and their modelling,
    • the solicitation and integration of the knowledge and the intelligence of the technical staff.
    • exploitation of curves : time curves associated with a cycle, sound spectra, vibration spectra, infra-red spectra, ...
  • for real-time monitoring:
    • clear and relevant messages to the operators in the event of a problem
    • control of false alarms
    • automatic recognition of sources of disturbances already encountered
    • The detection, characterization, and integration of new disturbances.
    • simplified updating of monitoring models
    • Continuous integration of the knowledge and the interpretations of the technical staff.

The GPC Scan web application processes scalar variables (one value per observation) of numeric type (measurements) and text type (product code, date, machine code, etc.). It also deals with curve-type variables (several values ​​for an observation: quantity measured during a cycle, IR spectra, vibration spectrum, etc.). It takes into account missing information.

GPC scan assesses the suitability of the proposed data to be processed by its algorithms.

As part of a free GPC Flash Audit , a GPC consultant will assess with you the adequacy of the GPC tools with your data and your problem.