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Demonstration of GPC functionalities on customer data

3 webinar sessions (1h30)

The GPC Flash Audit provides a quick answer to the following questions:

  • « Is GPC better than my current tools? ».
  • « Can GPC provide answers to my quality and productivity problems from the data I have, more effectively than the tools I use now? ».


GPC System proposes to coach its partners so they are able to make informed answers.

A Flash Audit represents 3 web meetings, and one day of advice provided by a GPC System consultant

Test the effectiveness of Global Process Control on your data and your problem immediately!

To specify your request for a Flash Audit: fill in the specific audit form 
We will come back to you to determine your needs and specify together the practical arrangements.

Progress of a GPC Flash Audit


Out of session


Sample data (csv)



GPC System

Confidentiality agreement.
Data can be anonymized
(possible tracing recommended for interpretation)


1 – First session 1h:
  • Presentation by the client of the subject, the problem and the available data
  • Definition of standard analysis criteria. Objective: Validate anomaly detection

Transmission of data to GPC System

GPC System

Standard data analysis


2 – Second session 1h30:
  • Presentation by GPC System of the results of the analysis
  • Discussion and interpretation of results
  • Validation of data and GPC model compatibility
  • Definition of the criteria for the personalized analysis. Objective: Interpret the results

In-depth interpretation of results (optional)

GPC System

Personalized data analysis


3 – Third session 2h:
  • Presentation by GPC System of the results of the analysis
  • Discussion and interpretation of results
  • Identification of sources of disturbance (if tracing carried out)


  • In order to ensure the quality of GPC System's service, the Flash Audit must take place over one to two consecutive weeks. The three sessions are organized by GPC System in the form of web conferences.
  • GPC System and the Client reserve the right not to initiate or terminate a Flash Audit if they consider that the subject, the data available or the partial results obtained do not suggest satisfactory conclusions.