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Technical and economic study on customer production history

1 week to 1 month

Assess your potential gains

The original tools developed by GPC System are designed to optimize the operation of equipment of all kinds, with two main objectives:

  • The reduction of waste (scrap, shutdowns of breakdowns, raw materials, energy, insufficiently robust products, human time)
  • Optimization of end-user satisfaction.

The GPC RELEVANCE AUDIT allows you to make a quick diagnosis on the interest, for you, of adopting GPC tools. This audit will assess:

  • The technical and economic gains you can expect,
  • Adaptation of tools to available data and their collection,
  • The effort to implement GPC Scan in your context.

This audit involves several in-depth discussions between business managers and GPC System.

These exchanges will focus on the issues and characteristics of the system studied as well as on precise analyzes of historical data.

THE RELEVANCE AUDIT naturally extends a AUDIT FLASH the results of which appeared reasonable.