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Process monitoring

Augmented intelligence at the heart of industrial production processes.

  • Anticipation of alerts, predictive maintenance
  • Send relevant and clear instructions to the operator
  • Reduction of false alarms
  • Rapid resolution of crisis situations

Process optimization

A web application software offer associated with a study, support and training service offer.

  • Reduction of production stoppages
  • Reduced scrap, rework and customer returns
  • Reduction of consumption and discharges

How GPC Scan works

Features of GPC Scan

  • Web application
    • on local or cloud server
  • Multi-users and multi-devices
    • in surveillance
  • Ergonomic
    • Offer suitable for different users
    • Custom Dashboards
  • Integrates with existing
    • Open to collaboration with other tools ( IA, MES, ERP, BI, …):
    • SQL database, Rest API
    • AI partnerships: Adagos (Neureco) , Intellitec (Xtractis)
  • Powerful
    • Adaptable to processing curves, unstable systems

With GPC, every problem has its solution.

GPC software solutions will allow you to:

  • Analyze all of your production data
  • Identify disturbances
  • Alert your operator to the slightest disturbance

and as the case may be:

  • Permanently remove causes
  • Warn them
  • Give precise and effective instructions to operators

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