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Process optimization


In the optimization phase, the business experts analyze historical data that has been collected on the equipment or the production line in order to optimize its operation.
Different tables, graphs, very relevant reports are made available by GPC Scan

By studying these summaries of information, actions can be taken to optimize the quality of the product and the performance of the process. for example :

  • improve settings
  • definitively prevent malfunctions
  • increase the robustness of the process
  • reduce variations in characteristics around their target
  • reduce consumption and waste
  • set and fill in operator alerts

Such a study is part of the GPC System service as part of the Setup service for the installation of a new monitoring session.

Such a process optimization study can be conducted independently of GPC monitoring.
La surveillance GPC étant en place, l’étude d’optimisation pourra être motivée par une mise à jour de la surveillance temps réel ou par des exigences supplémentaires sur les performances du procédé.

As part of a support service, GPC System consultants will listen to your problems to offer you the most effective solutions combining

  • the power of GPC Scan and other Global Process Control tools,
  • their expertise in the fields of statistics, mathematics and computer science,
  • your knowledge and business intelligence