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Extending MSP through “Global Process Control”

Should we give up control charts when we find ourselves faced with “non-standard” situations that do not verify the hypotheses of use of the MSP? On the AFNOR standard side, no answerDaniel Lafaye de Micheaux here proposes a clarification of the definition of the limits to be used for process control. Going beyond the framework of the classic monovariate PSM, this definition introduces the notion of specific multivariate indicators of anomaly and that of the Alarm Index, pHow to go further in the Statistical Control of Processes? MSP indeed has its limits, in an industrial context where quality and productivity requirements are increasing, where industrial processes are becoming more complex, where the number of measurements to be processed and monitored is ever greater. GPC technology, “Global Process Control”, is an extension of MSP. It offers a radically innovative approach to processes, a “global” approach.